Potato fritters with halloumi cheese and tobiko

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Draniki (potato fritters) for Belarusians is sacred! In principle, every Slavic cuisine has a similar dish. And the ingredients are almost the same, but it’s in proportion. The real Belarusian draniki are made from potatoes, grated extra fine (“good-bye fingers”). Flour is used, but in very small quantities. Required salt and egg. In a foreign land, I began …

Frittelle di Spaghetti (or spaghetti fritters)

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I simply love cooking this dish! Especially when I am tired from the monotony of regular spaghetti dishes. It is called Frittelle di Spaghetti One day sitting in the Queen Elizabeth 2 library, I found a culinary book and started leafing over the pages. One picture got my eye. That was fried swirly spaghetti! I …

Tomato muffins

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Sometimes it seems like you can’t create smth simple and tasty. After all, everything has been tried and cooked for a long time! There are so many chefs in the world, so many amateurs, tons of recipes, etc. However, nothing is impossible. And here is an example – tomato muffins! Try it, you won’t regret …

Lunch-boxes 38-42

Boys lunch-boxes, Lunch-box

Time is flying. I didn’t notice when my kids grow so fast and when I’ve prepared more than 400 lunch-boxes!!!!! As they come every day, I have decided to share lunch-box ideas weekly. First, it is more convenient for you to plan your own lunch-boxes with some of my ideas. Secondly, for sure it is …

Lunch-box 37

Boys lunch-boxes

Every evening 5 days per week I pack lunch-boxes for my son. He smells everything before even try, so no products with strong smell in a box (no cheese, no cabbage, no cooked veggies, etc). But what makes me really happy that he loves Japanese and Korean food, which I passion about. So this time …

Lunch-box 36

Boys lunch-boxes

And again back to school! Time for lunch boxes. For our son, a lunch box is always a surprise. It became a tradition that the contents of this wonderful box in its entirety never repeat itself. And that’s exactly what Denis likes. Every time he opens a lunch box, he does not know what awaits …

Lunch-box 35

Boys lunch-boxes

Tasty idea for kids lunch box. Actually I would love to eat it all myself.

Lunch-box 34

Boys lunch-boxes

What can be easier than making lunch boxes for kids? This question could be asked only by those who don’t make them. It is not difficult at all, but the problem is to make them every day different and fresh and tasty, where the main target is to have them back empty. A moment when …

Lunch-box 33

Boys lunch-boxes

What rules do I use when making lunch-boxes for kids? I prepare the lunch-boxes at night, pack them in isolated containers and put in the fridge. This helps food stay cold longer (as in school there are no fridges, and bags are kept in room temperature). While preparing the boxes I follow food safety rules. …

Lunch-box 32

Boys lunch-boxes

When preparing the lunch boxes I always keep in mind the sustainable approach: I don’t like to waste food. This means that I don’t try to put products there that I am sure my kids will not even touch. Better if my sons ask me at home to give them some new things to taste. …

Lunch-box 31

Boys lunch-boxes

Today’s lunch box contains one of the favorite dish of my kids: steamed yogurt cake. It is fluffy, moist and soft. For making them I use yogurt maker, however it can be easily made in the oven.

Lunch-box 30

Boys lunch-boxes

I have many different lunch-boxes at home, however only few that I like most of all. They are convenient, easy to be opened by kids, with food separators. One of them is yumbox. I have two sizes: small for snacks and bigger for lunch.

Lunch-box 29

Boys lunch-boxes

Sometimes simple choice of food is the best one for kids. Clear flavors and easy to eat.

Lunch-box 28

Boys lunch-boxes

Today the winner of lunch box is egg rolls with rice and toffee apple. Nice taste when cold or hot.

Lunch-box 27

Boys lunch-boxes

Most kids love french fries. Mine as well. However we avoid ordering them in the restaurants as you never know how they are cooked and on which oil. I prefer bake them in the oven myself.

Lunch-box 26

Boys lunch-boxes

Today I put few new things in the kids lunch boxes. Let’s see if the kids like them.

Lunch-box 25

Boys lunch-boxes

Pasta and sausages – kids love this combination. Plus some vitamins in fruits and milk  – it gives a perfect lunch box.

Lunch-box 24

Boys lunch-boxes

For today’s lunch box I’ve made vanilla crepes and mini cheesecake. They are so delicious.

Lunch-box 23

Boys lunch-boxes

Italian flavors are the favorite one of our kids. Spaghetti and pizzetti are the best.

Lunch-box 22

Boys lunch-boxes

I’ve made mini dumplings in a type of pizza – with the same ingredients but different shape (easier to eat). Kids like them a lot.