Breakfast veggie rolls

Egg-free, Family meal menu, Gluten-free, Lactose-free, Vegan, Vegetables, Vegetarian, Breakfast, Starters

Summer is coming in Dubai – and this is the main reason of my new ideas for light and fresh breakfasts. Today I’ve served for my husband and mother-in-law delicious vegetable rolls.

Colorful breakfast

Egg-free, Family meal menu, Gluten-free, Vegetables, Breakfast

Good morning to everyone! Recently my friend Sengul has sent me a picture of Turkish breakfast. It looked so delicious and at the same time easy to make that it inspired me for some new breakfast ideas for my family. Colorful breakfast 🍽☕️Here are what I put on the plate, but it can be anything …

Menu set 2 (gluten-free)

Family meal menu

Holidays on the way. And then it is easy to feel relaxed and forget about any food restrictions. To be prepared for this I do sometimes days without gluten, fried, baked, fat food and sweets (except some fruits). It is based on my own experience and needs of my body. Listen to your body and …

Menu set 1

Family meal menu

Hi! Sometimes all of us need some inspiration and support while making meals for the whole family. Here I share the ideas of whole day menu for the family based on our home-made meals I cook for my husband and two little gentlemen. All recipes are simple and delicious with a pinch of invention. I …