“How to feed the child?” – This is the main question of all mothers, regardless of their origin, culture, age, religion or language. Especially this issue is relevant, if in kindergartens or schools there is no cafeterias and mothers need to invent themselves every day, what to put in the magic box called lunch-box. It should not just be filled with the food, but with such food, which corresponds to the age, activity and taste preferances, and contains the required number of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins. This task is not simple!

I decided one day to spread the photo with a short description of the contents of lunch boxes, which I am preparing for our 3.5-year-old son. His mouthfeel always rely on the smell of food and products, that is why you will not find cheese in his lunch-box. Our son is also not a fan of raw vegetables and fruit (sometimes he eats only berries).

Nevertheless, I am not afraid to experiment and each time I prepare something completely new. Since the choice is very limited, and the child is hungry, maybe he will not eat everything, but for sure make some bites. And further – it’s a lottery ?.

My lunch-boxes are designed for a child having in the kindergarten second breakfast and lunch.

I hope that my ideas will help you win the battle in the kitchen! I with you All inexhaustible inspiration!