Vegan scramble “eggs” (egg-free)

Egg-free, Gluten-free, Lactose-free, Vegan, Vegetables, Vegetarian, Breakfast

I am not a vegetarian or vegan, but I love discovering new flavors and simply experimenting in my kitchen. Currently my mother-in-law is visiting us in Dubai for school spring break. She is Polish (from the North-West) and I should say that it is very popular to have scramble eggs for a breakfast there. So …

Breakfast veggie rolls

Egg-free, Family meal menu, Gluten-free, Lactose-free, Vegan, Vegetables, Vegetarian, Breakfast, Starters

Summer is coming in Dubai – and this is the main reason of my new ideas for light and fresh breakfasts. Today I’ve served for my husband and mother-in-law delicious vegetable rolls.

Savory spinach muffins from cottage cheese with thyme

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When I was young I didn’t even know what it was spinach. In my country, Belarus, it was not very popular. But once I have moved to Poland, I notice that these leafy greens with a sweet flavor and a hint of bitterness are on every table. Spinach varieties, like spring greens, baby spinach, large …

Buckwheat muffins with blueberries

Flour, grains, pasta, Fruits, Gluten-free, Desserts, Lunch-box

Hello. As an experiment, I prepared gluten-free muffins to rest from flour taste. Buckwheat flour and blueberries were at hand. The experiment was a success! In addition, this is an excellent option for a lunch box. (See Lunch box 19)

Oatmeal and banana cookies (gluten-free)

Flour, grains, pasta, Fruits, Vegan, Vegetarian, Desserts, Lunch-box

Hello. “Oatmeal, sir!” And it is not necessary to be served as porridge. You can cook many delicious dishes. I already shared some ideas on what dishes we eat at home from oatmeal. Today I want to talk about oatmeal cookies without flour based on only 3 ingredients. It’s very easy to cook. By the …

2-ingredients Banana Muffins (flour- and sugar-free)

Eggs, Fruits, Gluten-free, Vegetarian, Pancakes, mini-pies, muffins, Desserts, Breakfast, Lunch-box

Every evening, I break my head, what to prepare to my kid to kindergarten. There are few criteria: it should be tasty, healthy and not boring. The main thing it should be eaten? So that is why appeared the recipe for muffins without flour and eggs.

Potato cookies

Eggs, Gluten-free, Vegetables, Vegetarian, Pancakes, mini-pies, muffins, Desserts, Starters, Lunch-box

Every nation has at least one product, which is almost mandatory in the cuisine. For Ukrainians it is pork belly (“salo”), for Russians – bread, for Mexicans – corn, for Italians – pasta, for Indians – rice and for Belorussians – a potato! Bulba is a head of everything”. Grilled, steamed, boiled in their jackets …

Шпинатные бутерброды с сыром филадельфия


Когда я придумываю, что положить в ланч-бокс для моего ребёнка, мне всегда хочется его обрадовать вкусом, цветом, формой, запахом. Тогда он с удовольствием пробует даже абсолютно неизвестные ему блюда. На это я и поставила, когда готовила шпинатные бутерброды. Во первых, бутерброд без хлеба – это уже отлично. Во-вторых, он зелёный. В-третьих, он красивой формы. И …

Овсяные блинчики из каши с яблоком

Pancakes, mini-pies, muffins, Lunch-box

После завтрака у меня осталась овсяная каша, сваренная на молоке. Выбрасывать её мне воспитание не разрешает – не люблю переводить продукты. Поэтому я придумала, как можно её использовать. Ну а если каши нет, то предлагаю похожие блинчики из овсяных хлопьев – Овсяные блинчики с яблоком.  [yumprint-recipe id=’62’] 

Овсяные блинчики с яблоком

Pancakes, mini-pies, muffins, Lunch-box

Ну сколько можно есть овсяную кашу на завтрак. Мы ж не англичане :). Хотя по правде говоря эта каша гораздо чаще гостит на наших столах, чем в стране Биг Бэна. А виновайца всему на отечественный Шерлок Холмс, а точнее Доктор Ватсон и другие фильмы советского периода, где овсяная каша просто главенствовала на английском столе. Так …