Chicken rolls with omelette

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And another original recipe for minced chicken. This time we will stuff it with an omelet :). Chicken rolls with omelettes are easy to cook. They can be fried, baked, steamed. And in any form they turn out very tasty.

Lazy potato and beef fritters

Meat, Main dishes

In Belarusian cuisine there is a dish from potato filled with meat or mushrooms. It is called “potato zrazy”. This dish takes some time to prepare and needs some practice. Well, as a mother of two boys I don’t have too much time so I find my easy way to cook “zrazy”. I call them …

Lunch-box 13

Boys lunch-boxes

In the school the kids have two break for food. One is for snack – around 20 minutes, and the second is for lunch – around 35 minutes. It is not too much time if we consider the time that kids spend for washing hands, then coming to the lunch area and finally eating. Keeping …