Chicken rolls with omelette

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And another original recipe for minced chicken. This time we will stuff it with an omelet :). Chicken rolls with omelettes are easy to cook. They can be fried, baked, steamed. And in any form they turn out very tasty.

Vegetables bites with cornmeal

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Good afternoon. As promised, I share a recipe for buns that you can put your child in a lunch box, well, or give your husband a job;) By the way, they can easily be turned into vegetable and meat ones by adding fried minced meat or cooked chicken.


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You know that one dish doesn’t always mean one recipe. Moreover it means that there are many recipes of one dish. Gado-gado is good example of this rule. Nevertheless there are still few basic ingredients that just should be in it: chili, sweetcorn, green beans and cucumber. It comes from Indonesian cuisine and literally means …

Lemongrass Coconut Soup with Noodles and Veggies

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What can I do that I really love orient food. I get my inspiration from Thai, Korean, Japanese, Chines and Vietnamese cuisines. They are full of taste, aromas, flavors and textures. They are always following the rule of “4 S”, meaning the balance in saltiness, sweetness, sourness and spiciness. Frankly speaking, it took me a …

Energy balls

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Just a perfect vegan bite with afternoon tea or coffee ☕️. These little sweet treasures are made from only healthy ingredients.

Peas and carrots

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This dish is very common in Poland. „Peas and carrots” is a perfect side dish to any meat. Easy to cook. Delicious in taste. Worth to try.

Veggies & fruits muffins

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Hello again! I gave vent to my fantasy again, the effect of which was a new recipe for fruit and vegetable muffins. It’s just a success! Of the 12 cupcakes I managed to try only one, the rest was eaten by my eldest son, who, I must say, has very fastidious taste and scent. Before …

Cottage cheese fritters with banana and carrot

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Sometimes I want to diversify the bored dishes. That’s just such an option. Cheesecakes with carrots and bananas. Bon Appetite.

Vegetables fritters with tapioca

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I have seen tapioca in the store very often. It can be of different sizes, and is mainly used for preparing a variety of desserts. I wanted to experiment and prepare  from it an savory dish with vegetables. I really liked the result. I will add only that I expected to put the dish in my …

Lunch-box 8

Boys lunch-boxes

Although people can cook and eat quinoa seeds in a similar way to most grains, the quinoa plant itself is more similar to beetroots and spinach. People can eat both the seeds and leaves of this versatile, nutritious plant. Farmers cultivate over 120 different types of quinoa. However, the most common versions available in grocery stores …

Carrot fritters with semolina

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My parents are from Polesie, located on the territory of four countries: Belarus, Poland, Russia and Ukraine. The story so strongly intertwined culture here, languages ​​and cuisine that now it is difficult to attribute a particular tradition of a particular nation. On the table we often appeared dishes from German, Polish, Ukrainian and Russian cuisine. …

Vegetable kugel

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Recently, flipping through a cookbook of the Belarusian cuisine, I stumbled upon a very simple recipe from vegetables. Taking as the base, I modified the recipe  and fit it to our taste. The effect was great –Vegetable Kugel was very tasty. Kugel comes from the Jewish cuisine, and translated from the Yiddish as “round“.

Закуска из киноа

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Я очень люблю киноа, особенно цветную. Она не только красивая, но и очень вкусная. Даже дети стали её фанатами. И каждый раз, когда я собираюсь из неё что-то приготовить, в процессе её варки мне приходит новая идея и задуманное блюдо меняется коренным образом. Так получилось и с этой закуской. Хотя даже не знаю, можно ли …

Мясной салат в яблоках

Festive dishes, Salads

Новый год! Для меня это особенный праздник. И каждый раз я, как маленькая девочка, жду подарков под ёлку от Деда Мороза. Ведь вера творит чудеса. Чем сильнее мы во что-то верим, тем быстрее исполнится наше желание. Когда у меня такое праздничное настроение, я с огромным удовольствием могу готовить день и ночь и накормить целую армию. …

Овощной салат с сельдью в яйце

Festive dishes, Salads

Up side down (верхней стороной вниз) – это выражение можно часто встретить в кулинарии. Так называют пироги, которые после выпечки переворачивают вверх ногами. Есть яичница с таким названием. У меня же получился знаменитый салат “шуба” наоборот.  [yumprint-recipe id=’58’]

Оладушки с киноа

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Киноа – продукт, который относительно недавно появился на полках в магазинах. Это растение рода Марь, семейства Амарантовые, злаковая культура, произрастающая в основном на горных склонах с весьма суровым климатом. Первое упоминание об этом продукте можно найти в письменных Инков. Они называли киноа “золотым зерном” и употребляли её наравне с кукурузой и картофелем.  Надо вспомнить, что …