Mini-cakes from semolina porridge with oat flakes

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Hello! I do not know about you, but I really do not like it when food wastes. I am sure you are familiar with such situation when you cook something to your kids and they with one voice are shouting that they will not eat it, but something completely different. This happens time to time …

Fluffy oatmeal porridge with cashew milk (lactose-free)

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I love testing new products. Just for fun. No diet, no limits, just new tastes and smells. This time I bought cashew milk. I am sure there is a lot of recipes with it in internet, but I was just following my instincts and desires to find “my dish”, simple but delicious. And here it …

Mini banana muffins with oats flakes

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It is the next recipe for muffins to lunch-box. This time I use whole grain spelt flour, oats flakes and NO SUGAR. Like other forms of wheat, spelt contains the gluten protein. At the same time spelt is an excellent source of calcium, magnesium, selenium, zinc, iron and manganese. It has vitamin E and B-complex …

Lunch-box 33

Boys lunch-boxes

What rules do I use when making lunch-boxes for kids? I prepare the lunch-boxes at night, pack them in isolated containers and put in the fridge. This helps food stay cold longer (as in school there are no fridges, and bags are kept in room temperature). While preparing the boxes I follow food safety rules. …

Oatmeal stripes with dates and salted pretzels

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Hello! Most of my recipes are created by what was in my fridge at the moment. Sometimes there you can find the remains of morning oatmeal porridge, cooked on milk. I do not like to throw out food, so it necessarily goes into use. Every time I invent something new, based on the one I …

Oatmeal baskets with yogurt and berries

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Sometimes you want something new for breakfast. A new, tasty and necessarily taking not too much time for cooking. And when this breakfast is eaten by the children, it’s just the peak of bliss. This is the recipe I want to introduce to you. Try it!

Oatmeal and banana cookies (gluten-free)

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Hello. “Oatmeal, sir!” And it is not necessary to be served as porridge. You can cook many delicious dishes. I already shared some ideas on what dishes we eat at home from oatmeal. Today I want to talk about oatmeal cookies without flour based on only 3 ingredients. It’s very easy to cook. By the …

Овсяные блинчики из каши с яблоком

Pancakes, mini-pies, muffins, Lunch-box

После завтрака у меня осталась овсяная каша, сваренная на молоке. Выбрасывать её мне воспитание не разрешает – не люблю переводить продукты. Поэтому я придумала, как можно её использовать. Ну а если каши нет, то предлагаю похожие блинчики из овсяных хлопьев – Овсяные блинчики с яблоком.  [yumprint-recipe id=’62’] 

Овсяные блинчики с яблоком

Pancakes, mini-pies, muffins, Lunch-box

Ну сколько можно есть овсяную кашу на завтрак. Мы ж не англичане :). Хотя по правде говоря эта каша гораздо чаще гостит на наших столах, чем в стране Биг Бэна. А виновайца всему на отечественный Шерлок Холмс, а точнее Доктор Ватсон и другие фильмы советского периода, где овсяная каша просто главенствовала на английском столе. Так …