Beef Broth with Peas and Pasta

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If I offered this soup to my parents, native Belarusians, they would be very surprised. What a soup without potatoes! And yet, even without potatoes, but with pasta, the soup turned out to be very tasty. Very similar dishes are eaten in Italy (not surprising for the country of “pizza and pasta” :)). The main …

Chicken and potato burgers

Meat, Main dishes, Lunch-box

Hello. Continuing the potato theme, let me introduce to you one more tasty dish, which you can feed the whole family. These are fritters from potatoes and chicken minced meat. Like two in one: meat with a side dish in one piece. I serve them with fresh salads and vegetables. An excellent dish for lunch …

Lamb stew with pearl barley

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Amazing recipe for pressure cooker.

Delicious Cabbage Pie

Festive dishes, Flour, grains, pasta, Pies, tarts, casserole

Pie is a very festive dish for me. Perhaps because my mom makes pies for the holidays. Or maybe because the smell of growing yeast dough takes me far back to my childhood, when my grandmother baked pies for our entire large family. The pie dough in a huge enamel bowl stood near the oven …

Pumpkin stuffed with cheese and bacon

Egg-free, Festive dishes, Meat, Vegetables, Main dishes

Sometimes culinary inspiration comes to me right in the store, when I stand in front of an interesting product. This time my gaze lingered on an unusual white pumpkin. This is the first time I’ve seen such vegetable, so my hand immediately reached out to it. I knew one thing – you have to cook …