Kale & quinoa salad

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Speaking frankly, we’ve met first only few years back here in Dubai. I still remember that moment when one of my friends (by the way, with the same name of mine) presented us to each other. Gentle lights, nice atmosphere, amazing smells and beautiful people around… it was just right time and place to meet …

Orient chicken burgers

Meat, Main dishes, Lunch-box

My happy childhood catch the Soviet Union time, and at that time there was no need for my parents to invent any lunch boxes. In the kindergarden the menu was excellent and I loved it (except onion sandwiches, which were given in the fall and winter). And at home, using modern fashion terms, everything was …

Baked carp with oranges

Gluten-free, Main dishes

Well, although carp is very bony fish, it is very tasty, if you know how to cook it. I often tried this fish in different versions in Polish houses. Especially popular there is the carp aspic, stuffed carp (it’s just a delicacy, as the Poles say, “heaven in the mouth”) and fried carp. However, I always …

Baked Eggplant Salad with Ricotta Cheese

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I really love eggplant. In any form: fried, steamed, stewed. I like their taste and aroma. Mixed with cheese the eggplants becomes the perfect dish for dinner.