Peas and carrots

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This dish is very common in Poland. „Peas and carrots” is a perfect side dish to any meat. Easy to cook. Delicious in taste. Worth to try.

Potato dumplings from Poland

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Good day! Today again I cook a dish from potatoes. But this time – this is a traditional side dish from Poland, or rather from the southern part of the country – Śląsk (Shlonsk). The dumplings are formed with a small dimple in the middle. It is not just beautiful, but also functional. A dimple …

Polish dumplings with mushrooms (to beetroot soup)

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Russian dumplings, Belarusian vareniki, Uzbek manti, Georgian khinkali, Italian ravioli, Chinese dim sum and wontons, Polish pierogi, Indian momos, Filipino Siomai (Sio) -mai), Japanese gyoza (Gyoza), Korean mandu, Argentine empanadas are all relatives who have been scattered all over the world. I want to share a recipe for vegetarian Polish dumplings (uszka), which are prepared …

Beetroot soup

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On the Christmas Eve table, the Polish Catholics usually have Ukrainian borscht, Hebrew carp, Greek fish and Russian vareniki. Even the Poles themselves sometimes laugh with such a festive “Polish set.” Preparing for my husband Christmas Eve menu (I celebrate Christmas after the New Year as I am Russian Ortodox), I decided not to go …