Hello dear readers!

Let me introduce myself – at your service Olga, cooking with passion and heart. All my childhood, adolescence, youth and adulthood are associated with experiments in the kitchen.

Even in Soviet times, when it was problem with food, my sister and I manage to cook something special in every weekend. And we were just 7-9 years old. Once we used the entire month’s supply of vegetable oil to fry some cookies in deep fat. I must say that my sister was always responsible for an artistic side of our culinary creations. My role was limited that time to sous-chef. We prepared mainly sweet stuff: a lot of cakes, cookies and cakes.

I expanded my culinary horizons when in one of the new schools, where I was transferred, on the labor lessons all the girls had to learn how to cook soups, salads and main dishes. Classes were equipped on the highest level. Teachers came from culinary school, and at the end of the year it was necessary to pass the exam – to cook dinner. That’s when I learned about different vegetables cuts, the principles of food combitations and rules in the kitchen. So I began my culinary journey.

There was also my restaurant in Warsaw (Poland). It is not the easiest business, I’ll tell you: work 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Of course, the gastronomy was not my main source of income. At the same time, I successfully made a career in logistics: from specialist to Sales&Development Director in one of the 5 largest logistics corporations in the world. After my master diploma I’ve got additionally two postgraduate diplomas as a specialist in negotiation, mediation and other ADR, as well as Foresight & Future Planner. At work I had to travel a lot, so I always was able to discover some new tastes and had new food experience. 

The kitchen has become for me like an island, where there is always good weather and good mood, full of joy, positive energy and extraordinary flavors.

Later my husband and my children made me feel completely happy and I spread my wings in the kitchen. Alone our move to Dubai, my culinary borders became almost boundless. In any store you can find such products, which previously were unreachable. I mastered Japanese and Thai cuisine. Naturally, I comprehended the basics in various culinary courses and master classes. And then start developing my own recipes. Now I have more than 900+ recipes. And almost every day there is a new one.

I sincerely hope that after reading my blog, you really would want to cook something delicious, and my recipes inspire you to new culinary feats.

Thus, the curtains are opened! Let’s show begin!