Beef Broth with Peas and Pasta

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If I offered this soup to my parents, native Belarusians, they would be very surprised. What a soup without potatoes! And yet, even without potatoes, but with pasta, the soup turned out to be very tasty. Very similar dishes are eaten in Italy (not surprising for the country of “pizza and pasta” :)). The main …

Onion soup (alcohol-free)

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One of the most famous French soup – ONION SOUP – traditionally was served as a morning meal to the workers and porters of Les Halles Market in Paris back in 80-s XIX, which was opened overnight (from 9 pm till 8 am). Onion soup has been in French cuisine so long that it is …

Ginger noodle soup with vegetables and egg

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Many years back I’ve bought a very special cooking book. Book that suggests dishes depending on your actual energy: yin or yang, to be able to find an energy balance of the body. Or activate the energy that is needed (Yin food helps to relax, Yang food – activate creativity and gives a power). There …

Lemongrass Coconut Soup with Noodles and Veggies

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What can I do that I really love orient food. I get my inspiration from Thai, Korean, Japanese, Chines and Vietnamese cuisines. They are full of taste, aromas, flavors and textures. They are always following the rule of “4 S”, meaning the balance in saltiness, sweetness, sourness and spiciness. Frankly speaking, it took me a …

Chicken soup with bulgur and lentil

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Happy New 2019 Year to All! I wish you all successful year, full of joy and happiness, love and respect. This is my first recipe on the blog this year. Not that I didn’t cook anything before. Moreover I was cooking all time but that were special dishes for new year eve celebration. For sure …

Sustainable kitchen: veggies and fruits PEELS

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Hi to all! It is happening a lot…. Recently we moved into a new house in eco-friendly place within Dubai called The Sustainable City – green oasis in the desert without cars, powering itself and support sustainable life of happy people. I am more than sure that all of you understand how much time it …

Soup with semolina dumplings

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This soup with semolina dumplings, which comes from Polish cuisine, is light and full of flavor. Use any broth you like: vegetable, chicken or beef – the soup is very tasty with any option. The dumplings with its silky texture can be served both with soups and with meat and veggies as a main dish. …

Tom Kha soup with coconut milk

Egg-free, Lactose-free, Meat, Vegetables, Soups

Asian cuisine always attracted me with its aromas and unusual taste. Especially I liked coconut milk and lemon grass. I’ll eat any dish that includes these two ingredients. Today we have a soup for lunch. Of course, ideally the curry paste for this soup would have to be cooked by myself… Maybe someday.

Home-made chicken broth with pancake noodles

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Hello! In my cookbook there are not only difficult recipes from overseas cuisine with unknown ingredients. But also I have there classic simple dishes from common products. It is my mother in law, who reminded me about such recipes, when we were discussing the soups. And as you probably know, simple dish is the one …

Coconut soup with vegetables and chicken

Egg-free, Gluten-free, Lactose-free, Meat, Vegetables, Main dishes, Soups

I love oriental, but not traditional cuisine. That are type of dishes with ginger, chili pepper, lemon grass, lime leaves, coconut milk, fish sauce and so on. Using these ingredients I do best, or shrimp, or a variety of soups based on coconut milk (for example, coconut soup with chicken).

Miso soup

Egg-free, Lactose-free, Vegan, Vegetables, Vegetarian, Soups

This simple soup uses the medicinal properties of soy and algae, warms up and corrects the mood. For the Japanese, this is the basis of their menu and miso is eaten even for breakfast. Algae are a source of large amounts of vitamin. Sweet miso gives the energy of the Earth, strengthening the spleen. For …

Быстрый суп с фасолью и сосисками


Когда в холодильнике не очень большой выбор, а в магазин идти нет ни сил, ни времени, ни желания, я готовлю для моего семейства итальянские супы. Почему именно их? Да потому что в них почти всегда присутствуют макароны! А макароны в любом виде – это съедобно для нашего ребёнка. Ну а мы, взрослые, едим все!  [yumprint-recipe …

Beetroot soup

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On the Christmas Eve table, the Polish Catholics usually have Ukrainian borscht, Hebrew carp, Greek fish and Russian vareniki. Even the Poles themselves sometimes laugh with such a festive “Polish set.” Preparing for my husband Christmas Eve menu (I celebrate Christmas after the New Year as I am Russian Ortodox), I decided not to go …

Finnish fish soup Lohikeitto

Gluten-free, Soups

A couple of years ago we spent 1.5 months in Helsinki. Everything was amazing: the weather, food, traditions and people. For example, the day of the vernal equinox was on Friday and a long weekend was declared. All shops, banks, offices, pharmacies, etc. worked until 12 pm on Friday and opened again only on Monday. …

Суп из шпината


Приезжая домой к моим родителям, я становлюсь опять дочкой. Не мамой или женой, а просто дочкой, которую оберегают, любят, о которой заботятся и … откармливают :). Каждое утро меня спрашивают: “доча, что тебе приготовить?” Я делаю заказ, папа быстро бежит в магазин за нужными продуктами, а мама уже закатывает рукава и готовит, готовит, готовит. В …

Крем-суп из помидоров с йогуртом


Начну с того, что впервые крем-суп из помидоров я попробовала в первый день моего переезда в Варшаву. Скажу честно, мы с ним не подружились, и я ещё очень долго везде и всюду отказывалась от “zupy pomidorowej” (томатного супа). Так случилось, что обзаведясь мужем родом из Польши и живя далеко от родины – в жарком Дубае …

Coconut Chicken Soup

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When the cold season comes, dishes with ginger appear on our table. It warms, strengthens and gives strength. Soup is one of the options where ginger goes well with the spicy Thai fresh seasonings and the sweetness of coconut milk. I must say that this soup is prepared very quickly, which is important in the …