Croque Madame

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Continuing the theme of the breakfast, I decided to share a very delicious recipe, inspired by French cuisine. Sandwich with a crisp, delicate aroma of baked ham and cheese … or Croque Monsier, first appeared in Parisian cafes in 1910.

Beef Broth with Peas and Pasta

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If I offered this soup to my parents, native Belarusians, they would be very surprised. What a soup without potatoes! And yet, even without potatoes, but with pasta, the soup turned out to be very tasty. Very similar dishes are eaten in Italy (not surprising for the country of “pizza and pasta” :)). The main …

How to make sushi at home

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Sushi is an art. Art emerging from tradition. Japanese cuisine mainly concentrated on rice, which for many centuries has become the basis of nutrition for the Japanese. Modern sushi is very different from their original version of Naredzusi. Sushi, which was originally only a process for preserving and storing fish, over time has turned into …

Oatmeal baskets with yogurt and berries

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Sometimes you want something new for breakfast. A new, tasty and necessarily taking not too much time for cooking. And when this breakfast is eaten by the children, it’s just the peak of bliss. This is the recipe I want to introduce to you. Try it!

Christmas cookies with “windows”

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When the house is full of children’s laughter, joyful shouts and fun, it gives each holiday a special mood, returning us to our childhood. Especially this feeling is exacerbated in anticipation of the New Year, when my parents are with me. So what, that I am 37 years old, in the parental house – I …

Steamed egg cakes with pasta and broccoli sauce

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Today I prepared a wonderful sauce, which can be used in casseroles, and in tartas, and in pies, with pasta and rice. And the beauty of this sauce is that it is made from broccoli;). In my performance, 2 dishes – one for lunch-box for the eldest son, the second – with pasta for the …

Delicious home-made pizza

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City of birth: Naples, Italy Year of birth: 1522 Place of becoming famous: US This is one of the easiest food I make every Saturday for my family. Always delicious, and always favorite. My kids say that “mommy’s pizza is the best in the world”. Loving experimenting with the food I am cooking, pizza is …

Oatmeal fritters with dates

Egg-free, Eggs, Flour, grains, pasta, Fruits, Vegetarian, Pancakes, mini-pies, muffins, Breakfast, Starters, Lunch-box

All welcome! Today I share with you a very simple recipe for oatmeal fritters made from 4 ingredients. This is an excellent dish for breakfast, snacks or in a lunch box for children. Bon Appetit!

German potato salad

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Being from Belarus, the potato for me is like a bread. Without it, we can not imagine any single table. I’m accustomed to the taste of salads with mayonnaise, where our bulb plays our first violin. However, recently I discovered a completely new salad, originally from Germany. They say that the Germans are divided into …

Marrow fritters with red bell pepper salsa

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Hello again! Summer holidays have passed and I am on air again. Sunny weather and excellent mood inspired me to new culinary discoveries and unusual taste combinations. I hope that you, my dear readers, will enjoy my taste experiments. Let me remind you of my credo: QUICK AND DELICIOUS! And that’s why most of my …

Cake Pavlova

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I admit honestly: I am a sweet tooth. Of course, with age you have to limit yourself in many ways. But there were times when I baked cakes, patties, cakes, etc. every week. Then, when I lived in Poland, I continued to discover new dimensions of confectionery art. It was there that I first tried …

Lunch-box 13

Boys lunch-boxes

In the school the kids have two break for food. One is for snack – around 20 minutes, and the second is for lunch – around 35 minutes. It is not too much time if we consider the time that kids spend for washing hands, then coming to the lunch area and finally eating. Keeping …

Vegetable kugel

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Recently, flipping through a cookbook of the Belarusian cuisine, I stumbled upon a very simple recipe from vegetables. Taking as the base, I modified the recipe  and fit it to our taste. The effect was great –Vegetable Kugel was very tasty. Kugel comes from the Jewish cuisine, and translated from the Yiddish as “round“.

Пирог “Дед Мороз”

Festive dishes, Pies, tarts, casserole

Родитель может горы свернуть для своих детей, или закрутить бороду Деда Мороза 🙂 Эффект: дети в восторге, родители счастливы. А праздничное настроение набирает обороты.  Прямо из духовки свежий рецепт пирога на новогодние праздники! А какой у него аромат!!!!!! [yumprint-recipe id=’47’] 

Шоколадно-малиновый рулет (Рождественское полено)

Festive dishes, Desserts

И снова скоро Новый год и Рождество. Звон бокалов, брызги шампанского и торжественно заставленный праздничный стол. Эти дни, как эстафета: от одного блюда – к другому, без перерыва и отдыха. Но даже когда кажется, что места уже нет, каким-то чудесным образом после всех салатов, икры, мяса и овощей удаётся ещё впихнуть несколько кусочков тортика. Без …

Finnish fish soup Lohikeitto

Gluten-free, Soups

A couple of years ago we spent 1.5 months in Helsinki. Everything was amazing: the weather, food, traditions and people. For example, the day of the vernal equinox was on Friday and a long weekend was declared. All shops, banks, offices, pharmacies, etc. worked until 12 pm on Friday and opened again only on Monday. …

Шпинатный рулет с копченым лососем

Festive dishes, Starters

Вступительным словом расскажу я вам историю о сегодняшнем герое – ШПИНАТЕ! Я много лет жила в Польше и каждый раз поляки (особенно мое поколение 80-х) кривились при одном только воспоминании об этом растении. А причина лежит в том, что всех их старались накормить шпинатом на завтрак, обед и ужин в садиках и школах. Зачем? Потому …

Александровская полоска

Festive dishes, Desserts

Иногда я кидаю сама себе кулинарный вызов. Проявляется это в том, что я начинаю готовить такие блюда, которые проще пойти и купить. Особенно это касается десертов. Мотивацией чаще всего выступает желание восхитить мужа. Полученные положительные эмоции несомненно превосходят все затраты сил и времени. Поэтому я все ещё продолжаю брать себя “на слабо”.  [yumprint-recipe id=’30’]

Сливовый пирог

Festive dishes, Pies, tarts, casserole

Как-то нам удалось купить очень вкусные сливы из Узбекистана (что в Дубае большая редкость).  Их количество толкнуло меня пробудить моё воображение и смекалку и приготовить что-нибудь быстрее, чем сливы испортятся. Так появился этот незатейливый рецепт.  [yumprint-recipe id=’32’]

Крем-суп из помидоров с йогуртом


Начну с того, что впервые крем-суп из помидоров я попробовала в первый день моего переезда в Варшаву. Скажу честно, мы с ним не подружились, и я ещё очень долго везде и всюду отказывалась от “zupy pomidorowej” (томатного супа). Так случилось, что обзаведясь мужем родом из Польши и живя далеко от родины – в жарком Дубае …