Lunch-box 36

Boys lunch-boxes

And again back to school! Time for lunch boxes. For our son, a lunch box is always a surprise. It became a tradition that the contents of this wonderful box in its entirety never repeat itself. And that’s exactly what Denis likes. Every time he opens a lunch box, he does not know what awaits …

Lunch-box 35

Boys lunch-boxes

Tasty idea for kids lunch box. Actually I would love to eat it all myself.

Pies with buckwheat

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Knysh is a dish of Belarusian cuisine, unfortunately forgotten even in its homeland. Extract from Wikipedia: “Knysh is a small round pie typical of Belarusian cuisine with cottage cheese baked inside (or placed on the surface, between the raised edges) or other filling: jam, or sauteed onions with cracklings. Knishes with buckwheat were very characteristic …