Vegetables bites with cornmeal

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Good afternoon. As promised, I share a recipe for buns that you can put your child in a lunch box, well, or give your husband a job;) By the way, they can easily be turned into vegetable and meat ones by adding fried minced meat or cooked chicken.

Squash quiche with filling

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Pumpkin season is just started and right now on the grocery‘s shelves you can find a large number of different type of pumpkins. Among them one is very interesting – spaghetti squash. It is a semi-pub, semi-oval, oval in shape, light yellow in color. Its pulp after heat treatment resembles spaghetti pasta (hence the name). …

Vegetables fritters with tapioca

Flour, grains, pasta, Gluten-free, Lactose-free, Vegetables, Vegetarian, Pancakes, mini-pies, muffins, Lunch-box

I have seen tapioca in the store very often. It can be of different sizes, and is mainly used for preparing a variety of desserts. I wanted to experiment and prepare  from it an savory dish with vegetables. I really liked the result. I will add only that I expected to put the dish in my …

Банановые оладьи с саго

Pancakes, mini-pies, muffins, Lunch-box

Не так давно я открыла для себя такой замечательный продукт, как САГО. Это крупа из крахмала, получаемого из сердцевины ствола саговой пальмы. Она богата углеводами и содержит очень мало белков. Преимущество этой крупы заключается в полном отсутствии глютена, который может вызывать аллергию. Важно не перепутать и не купить искусственное саго из картофельного или кукурузного крахмала. [yumprint-recipe …