Fried cookies from yeast dough

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Hello! Today I have a mood for a yeast dough. In general, dough, and especially yeast, loves affection, tenderness, it is necessary to be in a good mood and necessarily with light and positive thoughts. So, my culinary repertoire expanded to a yeast dough recipe. I love cooking it. It always turns out so gentle …

Lunch-box 31

Boys lunch-boxes

Today’s lunch box contains one of the favorite dish of my kids: steamed yogurt cake. It is fluffy, moist and soft. For making them I use yogurt maker, however it can be easily made in the oven.

Semolina cakes with strawberries

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Semolina porridge is a favorite dish of my childhood. Yes, and now I’m happy to eat it for both cheeks. But sometimes you want to change something. The main motivator is the space in my son’s. lunch box, which must be filled every day. This is how semolina cakes were created.

Paratha with different stuffings

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Trying to diversify the contents of my child’s lunch box, I came up with the idea of ​​cooking something less traditional, not from our kitchen. And here we just visited an Indian restaurant (by the way, by my standards, the best Indian food – in the restaurant India Palace in Abu Dhabi in the Mazayah …

Potato cookies

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Every nation has at least one product, which is almost mandatory in the cuisine. For Ukrainians it is pork belly (“salo”), for Russians – bread, for Mexicans – corn, for Italians – pasta, for Indians – rice and for Belorussians – a potato! Bulba is a head of everything”. Grilled, steamed, boiled in their jackets …

Жареные пирожки с мясом

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В детстве, когда мы ехали всей семьёй в центр города за покупками, родители всегда нам покупали пирожки, которые продавались большой тётей с тележки прямо на улице. Были они с мясом, с рыбой или с вареньем. И даже не важно, сколько было мяса в мясе или рыбы в рыбе. Это незабываемый вкус детства.  [yumprint-recipe id=’42’]

Кныш с гречневой кашей

Pancakes, mini-pies, muffins, Lunch-box

Кныш – это блюдо белорусской кухни, к сожалению, забытое даже у себя на родине. Это небольшой круглый пирожок с запечённым внутри (или уложенным сверху между приподнятыми краями) творогом или другой начинкой: вареньем или пассированным луком со шкварками. В ХIX в. очень характерными были кныши с гречневой кашей и луком со шкварками, которые подавались в среднезажиточных …