Lunch-box 30

Boys lunch-boxes

I have many different lunch-boxes at home, however only few that I like most of all. They are convenient, easy to be opened by kids, with food separators. One of them is yumbox. I have two sizes: small for snacks and bigger for lunch.

Lunch-box 29

Boys lunch-boxes

Sometimes simple choice of food is the best one for kids. Clear flavors and easy to eat.

Lunch-box 21

Boys lunch-boxes

There are so many tasty things in today’s lunch box. Hope the kids will enjoy it.

Lunch-box 15

Boys lunch-boxes

These sausages are so funny and very easy to make. Just cut them before cooking.

Quick soup with beans and sausages

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When there is not a very large selection in the refrigerator, and there is no energy, time or desire to go to the store, I cook Italian soups for my family. Why exactly them? Because they almost always contain pasta! And pasta in any form is edible for children of any age. Well, we adults …