Lunch-box 18

Boys lunch-boxes

I love cooking. And cooking for my family makes me really happy. In today’s lunch box I put so many delicious dishes, that I would like to have it for myself.

Potato and apple pie

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Hello everybody! After our holidays in Belarus, naturally in our everyday menu potatoes 😁 started to play the main role. After all, we can cook from it so many interesting dishes! So do not be surprised that in the nearest future my posts will praise this golden  tuber – potatoes! And of course I will …

Delicious Cabbage Pie

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Pie is a very festive dish for me. Perhaps because my mom makes pies for the holidays. Or maybe because the smell of growing yeast dough takes me far back to my childhood, when my grandmother baked pies for our entire large family. The pie dough in a huge enamel bowl stood near the oven …