Smocked tea infused pumpkin tart

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Kabocha, or Japanese pumpkin is hard on the outside with knobbly-looking skin. It is shaped like a squat pumpkin and has a dull-finished, deep-green or orange skin with some celadon-to-white stripes and an intense yellow-orange color inside. Kabocha has an exceptional sweet flavor, even sweeter than butternut squash. It is similar in texture and flavor …

Pumpkin sweet balls

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  Today Pumpkin is my Hero! Pumpkin (Greek, “large melon”) is a large orange squash fruit of the genus Cucurbita family along with squash and cucumbers, originated in Central America. It can be of different shapes and sizes, but most often round with smooth, slightly ribbed skin, and deep yellow to orange in coloration. The …

Squash quiche with filling

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Pumpkin season is just started and right now on the grocery‘s shelves you can find a large number of different type of pumpkins. Among them one is very interesting – spaghetti squash. It is a semi-pub, semi-oval, oval in shape, light yellow in color. Its pulp after heat treatment resembles spaghetti pasta (hence the name). …

Butternut flat bread

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There are a lot of bread recipes, but I was always confused by the amount of effort, skill and uncontrollable factors that accompany its creation. Therefore, in my culinary practice of yeast, I learned to bake only walnut bread (it is extremely rare, since it works a lot, and it disappears from the table in …

Millet porridge with pumpkin

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We can eat porridge for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Immediately remembered a fairy tale, how the soldier cooked porridge ? True, in our case, we do not need an ax or a boot for a porridge. Millet, milk, butter and pumpkin is enough. Have a nice cook!

Pumpkin and sweet potato fritters

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When I see a beautiful pumpkin in the shop, I can not just pass by, be sure I will buy it. Apparently, I still believe that the pumpkin can become a carriage. But because it is not, I have to cook something from that beauty. This time I baked the pumpkin and made fritters with …

Pumpkin stuffed with cheese and bacon

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Sometimes culinary inspiration comes to me right in the store, when I stand in front of an interesting product. This time my gaze lingered on an unusual white pumpkin. This is the first time I’ve seen such vegetable, so my hand immediately reached out to it. I knew one thing – you have to cook …