Cake “Polar Bear”

Dairy products, Eggs, Festive dishes, Flour, grains, pasta, Vegetarian, Desserts

In my cookbook collection there are a lot of delicious cakes. The reason is my love to baking. Literally, I love to bake cakes, cookies, tarts, puddings, muffins, etc. It gives me great pleasure when I put my handiwork on the table and my piece of art disappears in a moment dipping in a world …

Shortcakes with buttercream

Dairy products, Eggs, Festive dishes, Flour, grains, pasta, Desserts

Good day! Oh, how I missed the tastes of my childhood! I’ve remembered how many cakes, pastries and cakes we used to prepare with my sister as kids. But butter cream and biscuits were not frequent guests due to scarce products at that time – butter and eggs.

Basic buttercream with icing sugar

Dairy products, Desserts

Butter creams are very easy to take a variety of relief forms and sustain them. Butter, which is the basis of butter creams, should be unsalted, without any tastes and odors. Basic creams vary in composition of products, cooking methods, shelf life and taste. Any of the main creams can be given a different taste …

Baked coconut cream

Dairy products, Eggs, Festive dishes, Desserts, Lunch-box

This dessert looks like the classic flan or cream caramel. The difference is in the ingredients and that it comes from the Caribbean cuisine. [yumprint-recipe id=’79’]


Dairy products, Eggs, Festive dishes, Flour, grains, pasta, Pancakes, mini-pies, muffins, Desserts, Lunch-box

And voila! The red ribbon was cut. Hello everybody! Today is the birthday of my culinary blog which I am opening with a sweet recipe. Salute to our life to be sweet and tasty.