Beef Broth with Peas and Pasta

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If I offered this soup to my parents, native Belarusians, they would be very surprised. What a soup without potatoes! And yet, even without potatoes, but with pasta, the soup turned out to be very tasty. Very similar dishes are eaten in Italy (not surprising for the country of “pizza and pasta” :)). The main …

Linguine with Brown Butter and Croutons

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When you don’t have any ideas for lunch just make LINGUINE WITH BROWN BUTTER and CROUTONS! Only 3 ingredients are needed: pasta, butter and toast bread. Additionally you can add some Parmesan, basil leaves, chilli or any favorite spices. I am sure if you have kids you freezer is full of bread crust from kids …

Lunch-boxes 38-42

Boys lunch-boxes, Lunch-box

Time is flying. I didn’t notice when my kids grow so fast and when I’ve prepared more than 400 lunch-boxes!!!!! As they come every day, I have decided to share lunch-box ideas weekly. First, it is more convenient for you to plan your own lunch-boxes with some of my ideas. Secondly, for sure it is …

Lasagna with beef meat pearls

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While thinking about family one-pot dishes, few come into my mind. Well, on the first place is always rich, creamy and flavorsome LASAGNA. You can make the filling in advance and assemble the lasagna on the day. Originally it comes from the city of Naples, layered with local sausage, small fried meatballs, hard-boiled eggs, ricotta …

Lunch-box 25

Boys lunch-boxes

Pasta and sausages – kids love this combination. Plus some vitamins in fruits and milk  – it gives a perfect lunch box.

Lunch-box 23

Boys lunch-boxes

Italian flavors are the favorite one of our kids. Spaghetti and pizzetti are the best.

Lunch-box 21

Boys lunch-boxes

There are so many tasty things in today’s lunch box. Hope the kids will enjoy it.

Lunch-box 18

Boys lunch-boxes

I love cooking. And cooking for my family makes me really happy. In today’s lunch box I put so many delicious dishes, that I would like to have it for myself.

Tuna salad with cucumbers

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I very rarely eat pasta. Not because I do not like, I just try to limit the amount of carbohydrates in my diet. That’s why I almost never cook salads with pasta. BUT! Yesterday I prepared a new very tasty and simple salad with it. Just a couple of ingredients and voila !!! It should …

Quick soup with beans and sausages

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When there is not a very large selection in the refrigerator, and there is no energy, time or desire to go to the store, I cook Italian soups for my family. Why exactly them? Because they almost always contain pasta! And pasta in any form is edible for children of any age. Well, we adults …

Spinach soup


Coming home to my parents, I become a daughter again. Not a mother or wife, but just a daughter who is protected, loved, cared for and … fed :). Every morning they ask me: “daughter, what do you want?” I “place an order”, and dad quickly runs to the store for the right products, and …